Grand Opening TBD2021 (tentative)

Most of 2021 will be preparation time for a formal opening. We are working hard to make the yard pleasant for outdoor meetings as well as working inside to prepare for indoor meetings. Multiple gardens are in progress, and spring planting has been very busy. Gardens include updates to the front corner garden and side garden. A new butterfly and prairie garden has been installed and will gradually mature. Part of the parking lot was removed for a new, terraced front garden. And of course, our front window gardens are being updated as well.

Our newest improvement is a repair to the handicapped access masonry for the back door. The concrete had shifted and made it difficult to use. We replaced the concrete ramp with a paver ramp-patio combination with great views to the new prairie garden.

Over the summer of 2021, we hope to offer free KaffeeKlatsch get-togethers on the back patio in order to foster discussions about which clubs to organize and what club functions might occur.

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